My first weekend in Lesotho was rather busy but beautiful nonetheless! As I am really tired and tomorrow’s my first day at work here, I’ll try to keep this post short and make up for it by adding lots of photos (I took some of them with my phone so the quality is not great). On saturday, a colleague invited me to a barbecue just outside Maseru. The food was amazing: papa (a dish similar to mashed potatoes but made of corn meal), vegetables and pork. Was the first time I ate a whole meal with my bare hands, and it was so good! On the way there, I took some photos:


Boys joking for the camera.

Boys joking for the camera.


the site

the site


Afterwards, some of the other volunteers and I went to Roma, a small (or, by Lesotho standards, big) university city 40 mins away from Maseru. Amazingly, we were allowed to spend the night at the beautiful guest house for free, since some of the volunteers we visited work there. Saturday night we had “boerewors” (South African sausages), spaghetti and tomatoe sauce and drank Maluti (Lesotho beer) and Savanna (Namibian cider). Today, we simply enjoyed the sun and the beautiful landscape, played cards, read and chatted. Highlight of the day (difficult to chose as the whole weekend was just really awesome): Sitting in a crowded mini bus with 23 other people to get from Roma back to Maseru (see photo) and going to the shops and later to the bus surrounded by ten children, age 3 to 7, running from everywhere, accompanying us and holding our hands + the cry of joy when S* (one of the other volunteers) gave them sweets. Downside of the day: Seeing how some of these children were coughing and obviously not completely well. Also, when we got back to Maseru, daylight was almost gone, the streets were emptying and for the first time since I arrived here I didn’t feel completely safe. We decided to take a taxi and arrived safely and happy at our house. Here come the photos:




Crowded mini bus

crowded mini bus

back to maseru...

back to maseru…


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