My first weekend in Lesotho was rather busy but beautiful nonetheless! As I am really tired and tomorrow’s my first day at work here, I’ll try to keep this post short and make up for it by adding lots of photos (I took some of them with my phone so the quality is not great). […]


After all the time spent … planning, amongst other attending a two week long seminar to prepare for my stay in the country where I met some of the most awesome people reading up on Lesotho (a task not easily achieved as there is hardly any publicly available information or travel guide – at one […]


Dear readers, welcome to my blog! Over the course of the next few months, I will be posting stories and photos of my stay in Lesotho, general information on the country, travels, people I have met and, last but not least, my work (more on this in later posts). My name is Anna, I am […]